Tentacle and Witches - Episode 3

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Tachibana Ichirou, the protagonist, is an ordinary student; however he knows a secret.
That is, his teacher Yoshiko is the owner of the mansion on the hill, and she is in fact a witch!
One evening, as a routine, he goes to the mansion to see her using the magic…

“I have become a tentacle monster.”
Two witches scramble for the protagonist who has turned into a tentacle monster.

* Love adventure in the school which started from the tentacle!
Depending on the choice you make, the story branches in Lily’s route and Yoshiko’s route.
As the story advances, the protagonist gets involved in various events with persons with the magical power.
Can you succeed in love?

*Erotic situation with the tentacle!
The smell from the tentacle monster (protagonist) makes Lily and Yoshiko sexually excited!
You can enjoy various situations in the school!
Also features many erotic situations of normal sex in the human body.
Ratio is about 1 scene with tentacle against 2 with the human body.

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