Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu Wake - Episode 1

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Episode 1: Ooki Ryuuji used to have someone he liked. That person ended up marrying his brother and giving birth to a child. His feelings distorted with time as he buried them deep within his heart. Rinka, the child of his brother, came to him after she ran away from home. She has such a nice face… She grew up to be just as pretty as her mother. Reaching puberty, she’s gained volume in her breasts and thighs that show through her sailor uniform. The feelings in Ryuuji resurface seeing Rinka who resembles her mother so much. His logical side completely breaks down after coincidentally finding an aphrodisiac. “I have known this girl since she was born. She looks just like the girl I liked and has a really nice, mature body… I can tell that I won’t be able to hold myself back for long.”

Episode 2

Ryuji has corrupted the daughter of his lost love, Rin. Blackmailing her with a pill that prevents her from getting pregnant, Ryuji forces himself upon her, choking her and having his way. This even extends to him forcing her to pleasure a pizza delivery guy while he has his way with her behind. Eventually she starts to yield…

Episode 3

Ryuji now makes Rin wear vibrators while they go out, holding the prize of the birth control over her head as he continues to enslave her… He has his way with her in a public toilet, anywhere and everywhere he pleases…he even gets a cop to take part in the torture. How much more can Rin endure before she loses her mind?

Episode 4

Ryuuji has fun with Rinka everyday. Family, strangers. Nothing is off limits to break Rinka. Rinka also no longer resists and just relishes in the ecstasy and semen. At long last, Ryuuji visits Rinka’s home with his warped love for Rinka’s mother still in his heart. Ryuuji ties up his brother and fucks both his wife and daughter in front of him. He makes his brother watch his wife shake her mature body. His young daughter moans in ecstasy. Seeing his brother break down crying and the two girls shake their body in pleasure, Ryuuji gains a sense of unfathomable satisfaction.

Episode 5

Rinka is put on a journey to fuck a bunch of guys to increase her sex skills.

Will the skills she learned with her uncle and mother serve her well?

Episode 6

Haruka’s daughter, Rinka has become a slutty whore who has learned how to please men. And now her last ordeal from Ryuji is to take on one last man, a very specific one…

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