Manin Densha - Episode 3


In the running closed room, the targeted women fall into lustful females caught in lust …

The protagonist is a terrible molesting addict who has no strangers among the muscles.
The trick was to use a chemical to deprive women of their freedom, whisper obscene words to their ears, estrus and commit in a daytime car.
Due to the tactics of forcing women to act on consent, they never caught them despite the severe police ○ mark.
He used to form a team on a certain route and was molesting, but at one time, a friend was caught by a simultaneous raid. A surprising fact is conveyed to the place where the protagonist who was able to escape alone was suspicious of the unnatural movement of Police ○.
This arrest was a police conspiracy that rubbed the protagonists against other molestation charges. The protagonist in anger cooperates with the police to create a false record and begins searching for women who have fallen in themselves. Of course, to get revenge in his own way …


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