Kimi Omou Koi - Episode 2


Shin’ichiro admired Aoi, she was a powerful woman who was in line to succeed as the leader of the Aikido Dojo. He was making efforts day by day to impress her and get as close to her as possible..but she still seemed so far away..

One day she came to him with a problem, she had issues with men and wanted him to help her to be more comfortable by giving her a massage. Suddenly he found himself grabbing her chest… and Aoi started to no longer see him as a childhood friend…but as a man…

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I’ll tell you serious love. The super-powered writer Gentsuki releases the long-awaited 2nd comics that fans have finally released! Trouble, suffering, and the true answer found by two people who love and love … The joy of welcoming the vaginal ejaculation is concentrated in a single book while being filled with charity and enthralling warmness! Crazy, enjoy the moment of drowning in such a pure love story!

Original: “Kimiso Fu Koi” (Gentsuki)

Shinichiro admires Aoi, who is a strong man who is nominated as a heir to the Aikido Dojo,
I was trying every day to get it a little closer.
But he realizes that he is far from himself.
One day, in order to overcome the weakness of Aoi who has no immunity to men, he was associated with a massage called training,
I touched Aoi’s chest with an unexpected beat.

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