Kara no Shoujo - Episode 2

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Reiji is a private detective. One day, he receives a strange offer from a girl, “Please look for… me. True me.” At that time, a series of abnormal murder cases happen and Reiji is offered to investigate it as well. There is a girls’ high school Yukari, Reiji’s younger sister, goes and two female students are missing. Tokio, vice principal of the school, offers Reiji to search for them. As a result, Reiji receives three offers at the same time. To collect information, he starts working at the school in disguise and meets Toko, who asked him to look for real her before. “Hi, nice to see you again, sir.” The killing never stops…. A spiral of tragedy…. What breaks through this tragic condition might be a girl’s smile….

An adventure-type game in which a detective hero follows a bizarre murder case in Tokyo after the war in March 1956. More than 30 people have appeared, and they have adopted a system that organizes information such as people and evidence using a notebook. Therefore, there are multiple endings. Also, due to the nature of works dealing with cruel cases, there are many grotesque expressions. In addition, the trial version is not a general one that extracts the beginning of the main part, but has been separately produced as the previous day’s talk, and includes several exclusive event CGs.

It is unusual for an adult game, and the official website shows the audition of the voice actors in charge of this game (in other words, the real face of the voice actor handling Genji’s name is also disclosed) [1].

Many adult game packages are excessively large compared to their content DVDs or manuals, but they were talked about because their packages were about the same size as album jackets [2].

This work won a gold medal in the BGM section and promotion section of the Bishoujo Game Awards 2008 [3]. He has also received excellent prizes in the scenario and graphic categories.

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