Choisuji - Episode 1

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon, a teacher on duty at school sees Moeda, who is almost naked, in an undershirt watering a flowerbed and low leg pants. Apparently the shower at the end of the hose is broken and clothes are getting wet and drying. Moeeda, who had sprinkled the water, tried to stop the faucet and fell down and the teacher got soaked that they decided to dry their clothes.
The teacher answered with a hand puppet of the Expo’s mascot “Morrisque” to try to please Moeeda, who loves plants and is looking forward to the Expo, which he plans to visit during the summer vacation. I have been killed. Morisuke (sensei), who had a mischief on Moeda, asks, “Do you know how people and animals can grow?” Moriesuke (teacher) started to teach H to Moeda who answered “I don’t know”.

Based on the manga by Asaki Takayuki.

The first volume tells the story of how a teacher uses a magical hand puppet to trick a female student into giving him a handjob, a blowjob and… let’s just say it won’t stop there.

The second volume tells the story of how a female student and the male school doctor go through a great length to get an urinal sample out of another female student.

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