Bible Black 1 - Episode 3

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Minase, a high school student, found a book of magic in an isolated room in his school. He started practicing black magic that has extreme sexual effects that benefited him and some of his friends. Intrigued, Minase got deeper and deeper into using the craft, not realizing the evils that will come forth. Eventually, the origins of the book was revealed, and so did the incident twelve years ago on the night of the Walpurgis, the night when the power of evil is at its strongest. After coming to his senses, Minase struggles to get himself out of the darkness that he had put himself into.

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Bible Black Hentaid watch Complete episodes subtitled English Taki Minase Futanari Rape school Yuri Loli Teens Big tits Minase naked fucking Bible Black videos xxx – An academy student, Taki Minase, finds a strange book while exploring an abandoned room in the school’s basement. With the help of his cousin, he translates the Latin-French writings and finds them to be instructions for dark magic, which is actually a form of Kabbalistic satanism (the translation was not mentioned in the OVA).

Using the book’s magic, Minase is able to make Rika Shiraki love him, as well as help his friend, Ayumi Murai, to get the boy she loves to love her back. Reika Kitami, the school nurse, hears of his magical acts and decides to sway him to her cause because she needs the book for herself. Twelve years prior on Walpurgis Night, Kitami was used as a sacrifice for the previous Witchcraft Club and only survived after making a deal with Satan, becoming a hermaphrodite in the process. Kitami now needs a virgin girl to act as a vessel for her reincarnation as the life that Satan has given her is running out. Kaori Saeki, the head of the new Witchcraft Club, also notes Minase’s magic acts and persuades him to come to one of her meetings with the book. After being seduced by Kitami and possessed by a lesser demon, Minase brings her with him and she rapes Saeki into submission, taking over the Witchcraft Club.

Kitami holds private counseling sessions for girls, trying to find the virgin she needs. She reveals to Minase that the two girls she has had her eyes on were Shiraki and Minase’s childhood friend, Kurumi Imari. However, since Shiraki is no longer a virgin (thanks to Minase), Kitami pursues Imari, who has been missing school recently after walking in on Minase and Shiraki during intercourse. Kitami also regularly kidnaps the art teacher, Hiroko Takashiro, and performs sexual tortures on her after finding out that Takashiro was the head of the Witchcraft Club that had sacrificed her, even though Takashiro had left the circle prior to the ritual.

After Imari is abducted by Kitami, the lesser demon leaves Minase and he realizes that he loves Imari and must save her. With the help of Takashiro and the Bible Black, he finds a spell Takashiro believes will stop Kitami’s evil scheme. By this point, it is Walpurgis Night once again, and Kitami plans to reincarnate herself into Imari. Kitami slits her wrists and has sexual intercourse with Imari as the reincarnation ritual demands, but Minase interrupts it and casts his spell on Kitami. This apparently causes the ritual to fail, and Kitami dies from blood loss.

Afterwards, Minase and Imari confess their love for each other and have intercourse. Some time later, Saeki is seen in the Witchcraft Club sanctuary, planning to steal the Bible Black, which was going to be left there before the entrance was cemented over. Imari enters the room and destroys the Bible Black with a fire spell, then reveals herself as a hermaphrodite, showing that Kitami’s ritual was successful. The series ends with Kitami deciding to test her new body out by raping Saeki again.

All six episodes of Bible Black have since been re-cut as a 110-minute film titled Bible Black Complete Version

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